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Latest Obsession

November 21, 2009

The Twilight Sad’s Forget The Night Ahead.

Just gorgeous music, powerful, driving. The singer’s heavy Scots accent fills the songs with that Celtic feel and the music, while having the soaring qualities of the best of GYBE’s loudest moments, is brimming with real emotion, real passion.

On Fat Cat Records. Two singles have been released, I Became A Prostitute and Seven Years of Letters, each contained an unreleased song. Worth tracking down foe sure, me laddos.


Floored By Morgan Again

November 18, 2009

As much as Black Man embedded itself in my psyche forever, haunted as I will always be by the character of Carl Marsalis, the latest book I’ve read by Richard Morgan has knocked me to the ground once again.

The Steel Remains.

Brutal. Visceral. Unrelenting. Fascinating.

Morgan takes hold of the fantasy genre by the neck and gets it in a vicious choke hold before beating it to the ground with masterful authority. The Steel Remains stands over the ordinary hack work found so frequently in the genre and glares down at it. Daring it to get back up for another beating.

I don’t know, maybe it was the vivid gay sex scenes that told me this wasn’t a run of the mill swords and sorcery epic. Maybe it was the violence. Certainly it was the pacing and the dead on characterization that holds you in it’s grip and won’t let go. Ringil, Egar and Archeth. Remember those names,. If you read the book, there’s no chance you’ll forget.

Easily the best novel I’ve read in the genre since the early releases in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. Contains the best line I’ve read in any novel in maybe ten years.

“I’m with the faggot.” You’ll understand when you get there, trust me.

So highly recommended it hurts.