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DC Comics Affected by Dangerous Time Warp

September 2, 2009

More evidence that DC Comics is dangerously close to sliding down some time anomaly or portal that will bring them back to 1995.

Check out Red Tornado #1, out this week, another mii-series about DC’s resident tortured android. All it’s missing is some sort of fucking holographic foil limited edition cover and it’d look fine gleaming vapidly on the shelves next to the latest books from Marvel or Image of that time period. Which is not a compliment, in case you were wondering.

Yes, I hate Ed Benes that much. And of course, the only thing worse than Ed Benes is a guy with the uncanny ability to draw exactly like Ed Benes. Looking at the artwork for the issue I felt like I did seeing all those imitators of that style come out of the woodwork and crank out so much worthless shit in the mid-nineties.

And don’t forget, I Love Red Tornado. Maybe with not as much nostalgia as I do The Vision, but he was always a favorite.

You don’t want to be seen like that, do you DC? Get rid of guys who draw like Ed Benes and find more who draw like J.H. Williams lll and you won’t be.

Otherwise, bust out the foil.


More Evidence

August 14, 2009

Of why Comic Books are the greatest medium ever invented.

Because you can go around dressed like this.

Kicking people’s asses.

Admit it. That’s pretty cool.

The image (larger version here) is artwork from a forthcoming DC Comics series entitled The Web.