Tars Tarkas in High Quality CGI?

June 14, 2009

I’m going to have to see that.

This, my friends, is somewhat interesting news. Edgar Rice Burrough’s Barsoomian novels were a revelation to me as a wayward youth, the pure adventure and allure of them. Martian sands, four armed monsters, nubile, red-hued chicks. And a guy named Carter, a total ass-kicker of the highest order.

What kid wouldn’t love that shit? Hell, what adult?

So now the inner child in me will get to see it on the big screen, done up in style by some high profile talent with some serious resume’s.

Of course, what scares me it that Disney is involved. What are the chances that those clowns will allow it to have the necessary violence and naked skin to do the adaptation justice? Does anyone over there have any balls? I wonder. I doubt.

Maybe if they have the sense to use Frazetta as inspiration they might figure it out. We’ll see.



June 13, 2009

“Out of my Mind on Dope and Speed”

British Sea Power


I Called You After Midnight

June 9, 2009

Current favorite late night dance song. Brilliant cover of the Cure’s The Walk by The Rosebuds who, though their melodic indie stylings can often sound a lot more organic, can also do “darkly danceable” with the best of them.

Absolutely sublime and it reminds you well of all those nights you spent all dressed in black and wasted, frolicking through the haze of the 80’s post-punk scene.

I think I’ll get wasted and listen again. Maybe turn it up loud and invite some friends over.

The night is young.


The Prefect

June 6, 2009

It’s my favorite time of year. Yes, last week a new Alastair Reynolds paperback came out. You all know my obsession with only reading mass market paperback copies of novels is a bit OCD’ish but Reynolds and his publishers are kind enough to supply my addiction.

This time it’s The Prefect.

I’ll dig into it with delight as soon as I finish up the Charlie Stross novel I’m nearing the conclusion of. It’s not a bad read but it doesn’t set my brain on fire like the stuff from fellow Brit contemporaries like Richard Morgan, Neal Asher and Reynolds who are, for my money, the absolute best out there right now.


Turn This One Up Loud

May 21, 2009

“Monster of the Absolute”




April 11, 2009

I can never resist this one.


The Love Language

January 25, 2009


The more I think back to seeing these young folks live last week, the more I listen to their self-titled debut album, released this month on Bladen County Records, the more I’m falling under the irresistable sway of Stu McLamb’s ridiculously brilliant songwriting and performance skills. This folks, is the good stuff. The stuff you keep underneath the bar for special occasions.

There are few better feelings in life, for a true music lover, than that of discovering a new band that you are certain is not only a “keeper” but who’s music is so good, so well done, so impactful on you, that you know you’re going to carry it around with you forever. That may seem like a bold statement so early on in listening to these guys but you’ll need to trust me on this. I know from whence I speak on matters such as these. It’s a very rare thing but when it happens, you know.

On that note, a bit more.



“Honey, do what you want ’cause I won’t remember.”

Love it.